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Speculative Literature Foundation

This looks like a generally positive thing.

I goofed off yesterday and had scheduled more goofing off today, possibly involving a nap. I may wind up poking halfheartedly at Bridge, though, in a low-pressure sort of way. And we might go see Cooler tonight, because, you know, WIlliam H. Macy is worth the price of admission. And I told the boy I would buy him dinner.

I liked Big Fish. Men and storytellers should see it. It's an atypical Tim Burton movie in that it has both structure and plot arc.

That's four in a row. The Apocalypse will be along any moment.

And I'm performing mailbox voodoo. Not only can I not get rejected, these days: I can't even get my queries answered. :-P

I haven't done the ten random songs meme, because I always leave my entire 5,835-song playlist on shuffle. But those are the last three I hit, FwiW

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