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Reason for stopping: Took boy to see Cooler.

Which was excellent. Five for five: the End is Night. It really, really captures a lot of the odd mystical truths behind Las Vegas. Baldwin turns in a layered, complex, remarkable performence, worthy of an Oscar nod. (Don't tell the Academy that it's a fantasy: they just might miss it and slide a couple of nominations under the door: the magic is subtle enough.)

This movie, unlike Leaving Las Vegas, understands Las Vegas.

Also, William H. Macy's testicles have replaced Danny Devito's ass at the top of the Short List Of Things I Didn't Need To See Before I Died. But I really admire his lack of ego in playing that sex scene. 'Cause you know how we're always complaining about the lack of ow-you're-on-my-hair in fictional sex? Well, this has got it.

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