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"I have done better since."

I can sympathize with Cyrano today. It's hard to go back and rework a project that was the best you could do a year ago. This is exausting. Exausting.

Much harder than writing a new book, I think.

What I'm doing is taking a manuscript that's actually not all that bad, as such things are measured, but maybe a little slow and internal and claustrophobic, and trying to open it up and let some light in by adding two POV characters and a whole bunch of explanation as to what's going on in the plot threads that happen while the protag is largely not around.

Bridge of Blood And Iron

New Words: ~250
Words Cut: ~100
Page: 211 of 529
Pages edited: 22
Reason for stopping: Just got to the top of another scene I need to add, and I am tired and achy and about to go drink a beer and watch an episode of The Man from UNCLE or possibly I Spy to make my brain relax.

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