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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Weekend monitoring under way. I almost called in sick to work today, but the Puritan Work Ethic fairy made a delivery, so my sneezy self is here. Good thing, too, as my coworkers are all AWOL.

Some days, it is a bad thing being the responsible kid.

I took yesterday off from writing, and it feels good. Maybe I need to institute more regular days off.

Sleep would be nice, too. I'm sure I ordered a shipment of 37-hour days, but they seem to be backlogged at the plant.

Ah well.


Some days it is indeed bad being the responsible kid.

I came in to the office today because my boss is freshly back from a week and a half in Hawaii and I knew he would have a huge pile of Stuff with my name on it. So I get here nice and early, clear the decks, have a big cup of caffeine and brace myself.

He called at 10 to say he was sick with a headcold, was it okay if he stayed home today? Ack. One thing for sure, I don't want him bringing his germy self anywhere near me.

So I'm spending the day cleaning my office. I guess that's fine, it certainly needed it.
Well, surely you can get more work done in a clean office than a dirty one, yes? *g*

So you're the one that took all the 37-hour days! Should have figured. Wrap up the responsibility in a big fuzzy blanket so it can't move and take a break. *hug*

I'm off to buy stock in the tissue companies...
It is at least a little consolation to note that other people have been having recurrent URI's this year, too. I had three, count 'em, three, between October and December. Arrrrrrr. Toughed out one, wound up taking azithromycin for the other two. Very annoying. I'm not usually a sickly person, I get a cold or two a year. Three in a row was unusual for me, and frustrating. I think there are a bunch of bugs going around, in addition to the influenza that everyone has been making noise about.

Hey, how's it going

I did the exact opposite. Wrote 4000 words yesterday, completing a week in which I wrote 4 days out of seven, and finished a chapter. Which keeps nicely to my New Year's resolution from last year .

Hope you feel better soon. I'm sorry I was away so long, but home caved in and I wasn't able to go to my compu for a long, long time.

Arizona being the state it is, MLK Day isn't standard. My company being what it is, we get none of but the federally mandated holidays, the second-tier days being exchanged for flexible personal days we can (and must) use during the year. Full office today. I've even almost gotten something done.

Not that I'm awake or anything—after all, I can click Post without finishing.

Meant to say, growing up in the District of Columbia, the idea of not having MLK Day feels just plain wrong. But then, I'm still getting used to the idea of having senators. And a congresscritter.