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Working on my rewrite of "Wax." I think I can use the editorial desire for more action in the front end of the story to add a few layers of misdirection, too. And the other stuff is easy enough to clarify. Hmm.

I wonder how much I can lengthen this thing to cram this stuff into it. It's already a short novelette....

Once I finish this, I take a crack at the next Missing Scene in Bridge of Blood & Iron. And possibly go for a walk with the boy. And make us both pizza.

I have a thumb-on-my-left-eyelid kind of headache, despite a fistful of aspirin and half a Mike's Cranberry Hard Lemonade, and my father-in-law is over, in the kitchen, building shelves under the sink. I actually wouldn't mind skipping the hammering, but such is life, and I appreciate the work. And the shelves.

I did get paid today, though. Which is good, because the Saturn's transmission is currently iffy at best.

I cannot wait until that far flung halcyon day when I can afford to quit my day job, and my alarm no longer goes off at 4:00 AM.

BTW, congrats to Jaime V. on her OWW Editor's Choice award. Hopefully the first of many honors!

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