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Progress Notes.

191. Our Humvees Cannot Be Assembled Into A Giant Battle Robot.

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I sold my novelette, "This Tragic Glass," to Ellen Datlow at today.

This feels like a bigger deal than the novels, somehow. Possibly because I never actually planned on selling a novel, but many, many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the internet, I said to myself, "I will know I am a real writer when I can sell a story to Ellen Datlow."

And today I did.

It's supposed to see print in the spring.


Bridge of Blood & Iron

New Words: 884
Word Cut: 0
Page: 269 of 541
Reason for stopping: end of scene, also bedtime.


View but his picture in this tragic glass,
And then applaud his fortunes as you please

--Christopher Marlowe, Tamburlaine the Great, Part 1 II 7-8

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