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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

My Inner Child is Sulking.

Good-bye, Bob Keeshan.

Those of you somewhat younger than me probably won't have heard of him. To those of you somewhat older, he was Clarabell the Clown.

But to me he was Captain Kangaroo, and I loved him even more than Fred Rogers and G-Force put together.

If there are any heavens, as e.e.cummings wrote, may the one that Fred and Bob get be brightly colored and built of geometric shapes. And may there be hot cocoa. And peanut butter. And bananas.

Let's keep Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby around for a while, all right? My inner child can't handle this.


[SOB] No more Captain Kangaroo...
I vaguely remember when he left Howdy Doody. And I remember when Captain Kangaroo began. I was about 5. I always liked Mr. Green Jeans, and Mr. Moose and the ping-pong balls.

My inner child -- the same one who still watches Mr. Rogers most days (I was three when he began on Pittsburgh television, before going national) -- is very sad.

My mother let us watch one hour of TV a day, plus "Captain Kangaroo." She says that "Captain Kangaroo" was compulsory, but I don't remember that part. Nobody had to force me to watch it, anyway.

I want to make an 'everything not forbidden is compulsory' joke here, but I just can't find one.

Ah well. *g*
Before I watched Electric Company, before I'd ever even heard of Sesame Street, I watched Captain Kangaroo. America's kids, past and present, have lost someone valuable today. :(
I read the news right before I left work. So, so sad. Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers, and the gangs from Electric Company and Sesame Street were my babysitters when I was a kid, and even though I never met any of them, I'll always feel like I knew them somehow. *sigh*

But hey--another G-Force (or in my case, Batthe of the Planets) fan?

I count that show among my early writerly influences.