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Convincing myself

447 words on Bridge today and ~2K on random other stuff.

I am more than halfway done with the Bridge revision, and I need a vacation. I'm going to take as much time off from this damned novel as I can force myself to take, because essentially at this point I've exausted what I know about the subplots I'm developing, and continuing to try to write at it is just going to result in me writing crap. I'm not on deadline with it, other than that I want to have it ready to go and shiny by the time I deliver Worldwired a year from now. I'm not in any hurry right now. All my deadlines are locked down and under control, and I have all the time in the world.

So I'm taking a vacation. And I'm going to read and take naps and surf the internet and watch television and goof the hell off for a while. Dammit. Because I wrote half a million words of fiction last year, and that's more than bloody enough. The Guilt Gorilla can go grease up and *do* himself if he thinks he deserves more out of me.

I may be an obsessive compulsive type A personality, but I am doing nobody (including my writing) any favors if I do nothing at all but work.

Other writing is still allowed (because I would lose my mind otherwise: I got the Habit), but you all are hereby empowered to kick my lily-white ass if I talk about the doing any work on the damned novel until at least Valentine's Day. All right?

With any luck, I should have my ed letter for Hammered fairly soon, anyway, and that will take precedence.

I wrote two and a half novels last year and revised two more. Also, there were short stories. I am bloody well entitled to two weeks off.

Also, maybe I will read some books. I have a lot a lot of books to read. Good ones, even. I need to read them.



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