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Stone Soup (or: the perils of an esoterically stocked larder)

So yesterday around three o'clock I looked at the cilantro in the vase on the windowsill and thought, "If I had some shrimp and some chili paste and some kaffir lime leaves and some lemon grass, I could make Thai hot and sour soup."

Hmmm. Well, I have no shrimp, but I have a pork chop. And I have home-made turkey stock in the freezer, so do I really need the shrimp shells for the stock? Especially since I have some Virgin Fish Sauce? (What, made from ugly herring?) And I have a bottle of Matouk's Scotch Bonnet chili sauce, which isn't exactly Thai chili paste, but it's just as spicy. And I have Mongolian Fire Oil, which is sesame oil infused with garlic and ginger. And I have fresh ginger and fresh garlic and I have ginger juice and I have three kinds of vinegar and I have lemons and I have fresh thyme....

And the fresh cilantro is the important part, anyway.

And it was surprisingly good, for something that was essentially hot and sour broth with bits of pork floating in it. But not very filling, I will admit. Anyway, I had that for two meals, because there was an awful lot of it by the time I finished thinkering, and then this morning when I got home from work starving I added some frozen stir fry veggies and some more cilantro. And just now I added the second pork chop that wasn't going to get eaten otherwise, and a whole bunch of carrots and grape tomatos and brocolli left over from a veggie tray that were just going to go bad. And a little more hot sauce. And I'm going to have it for lunch, too.

The problem is, every time I do this, it doubles in size.

I am obviously in need of assistance.

Come over.

Bring bowls.

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