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Flight 009, Barfing Dog, Self-Blurbing, TNH becomes a meme: in reverse

Just to be different, I'm going to link a bunch of professionals who are linking Teresa, because everybody else has linked Teresa already:

misia HERE

arcaedia HERE

nihilistic_kid HERE


truepenny HERE


My comments: Rejection used to sting. Now it comes with the territory, although a five-or-seven rejection day still knocks the wind out of my sails.

My sub to acceptance ratio (lifetime, since I started keeping track--there are probably another 20 or 30 before I started writing things down) is 1 sale for each 14 submissions: that counts semiprofessional sales. I have made 216 submissions and recieved fifteen acceptances in my career as a writer. Two of those acceptances never saw print because the market folded. So truepenny and cpolk and leahbobet and most of my other friends have my ass kicked all to hell on sub-to-accept ratio.

I've sold stories with fifteen or twenty rejections behind them, and I've sold stories to the first market that's seen them. I have, however, never as yet sold to the same market twice.

I've been writing seriously since 1985 or so and submitting since 1994, but I did take three years off from fiction writing between 1997 and 2000, because I hadn't yet found a community and I was stalled. I have 14 submissions out currently: that's all my finished, untrunked, unsold stories except one, which is waiting for a market to clear, and also a YA novel.

It's not a writer that gets rejected. It's a story. And the fact of the matter is, many of those 201 rejections were rejections because I wasn't very good yet. Some of them, on the other hand, were because the editor didn't connect with my story.

I'm just barely starting to sell consistently on a professional level, and that's because I'm just now-- ~sixteen years into the game--starting to write consistently on a professional level. Most of my writer friends are far more talented than I am: I'll be honest about that. They walk in the door with amazing skills, writing beautiful burnished prose, with better stories, with better characters, with ideas so shiny they make my jaw drop.

On the other hand, I'm stubborn. And I have kept reminding myself, there's a million ways to write fiction, but only one way to sell it:

"Right story. Right desk. Right day. Write Better."


Today I have to synopsize three novels, one of them unwritten, so that they may be pimped. Wheee! And they say writing isn't fun.


Incidentally, the Great Dane threw up all over the sofa again.



I cracked and wrote up the way cool Dateline story about BA flight 009. It's in my Rumor Mill Topic. Please forgive the typos; I am a suck-ass typist, and I wasn't smart enough to suck the damned thing into a word-processor to tidy it, and RM posts aren't editable, so it's raw from the keyboard.
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