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That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I've decided that the proper technique with Bridge--which is, after all, The Option Novel, and which Does Not Have To Be Done Any Time Soon But Was Mostly A Time-Filling Endeavor Until I Could Start Working On The SF Trilogy Again (Because, You Know, Get Stuff Done Before It's Due)--is to sneak up on it while pretending I'm looking in the other direction.Once, of course, my enforced vacation is up and I'm allowed to even look at it again. *g*

To that end, I'm printing the half-revised manuscript out (In all its quadricolor glory--gotta use up that color cartridge somehow, right?) and sticking it in a manuscript box on the corner table in the living room, where I can poke at it in odd moments in a low-stress sort of fashion. Meanwhile, Stratford Man has been bugging me again, and I'd really like to have a second draft of that (which will be considerably less work than the fifth draft of Bridge in any case, if only because I'm not nauseatingly sick of every word and because it doesn't need two complete subplots added) , so the MS is coming out of its box under the book-case and onto the corner of my desk.

Also, I might start my reading for Worldwired, because it suddenly seems interesting to me.

And yes, I'm still reading Moonwise. I'm just slow on fiction reading these days--possibly because I do such much betaing and critique, and my fiction urge gets scratched somewhat there. And also because I analyze too much. *g*

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