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Michael Wood's "In Search Of Shakespeare" starts on PBS tonight, for anybody who is interested. This is the same documentary that aired on the BBC last year.

I've got the British release DVDs--used them as a resource for The Stratford Man, in fact.

Fair warning: Wood has an agenda, and in my very humble opinion, it's, um. Probably a little oversold and under-documented with regard to Shakespeare's alleged Catholicism. But it's still a very neat miniseries-style documentary, even if Wood does feel the need to run down Marlowe a bit--as if by doing that, Shakespeare looks bigger.

The book is very cool. It has maps! MAPS! And is responsible for my ability to give street directions to the Mermaid Tavern.

Speaking of The Stratford Man, 93 pages edited so far, and only line edits, and I'm enjoying reading it, of all the weird things. That worries me. Of course, I've been over the first third of this book more times than I can count... but I do need to find places to add a few scenes.

Because every godawful long book needs scenes added, right?
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