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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Hmm. How many of you poor fools will be at Wiscon?

I'm attempting to justify five conventions this year. I already paid for Ambercon and Noreascon, so I imagine I have to go to those, and ComiCon is driving distance and lets me in free. And any excuse for a trip to San Diego, baby. And World Fantasy is in Tempe this year, and I'm trying to talk the boy into coming with me. So I'd be silly not to go, except cost of travel and so forth.

Which actually isn't all that much.


I don't know. I really, really shouldn't try to go, because it's the weekend of spring term finals. But I've heard all this fabulous stuff about it and some cool folks are going, and I'd very much like to, if I can. I guess it's going to depend on who all ends up going and how brave I feel. In theory there's no reason I can't arrange to take finals a little bit early...


All the cool kids are doing it. *g*


ComiCon is actually about the easiest one to get comped to--all it takes is a few semipro sales.
I've not been able to make the past few Wiscons, but since BEA is just the week after, have decided to schlepp in to the U.S. for both of them.
I'm going to be on-call the 28th.

So I won't get to go.

But if you need crash space....


I'll be at that one!
I'll be there.
Hmm. How many of you poor fools will be at Wiscon?

*waving hand*

It's faboo.
Color me convinced. I'm in.
Me! I'm going!

(I know you don't know me from Adam... but Wiscon is an awesome convention and I highly recommend going to it)