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Alive, alive o!

There's something to be said for this immediate betaread/response/revision model of novelizing. I'm finding some small inconsistencies and logic errors and things in Stratford Man, but so far they're all the sorts of things that can be expunged with the stroke of a pen. Also, I think I've managed to get about ten pages out of the first 142, although I won't know for certain until I input my changes. It's all purple-pen, so far.

(Uniball fine line rollerballs in brilliant fashion colors for editing. Accept no substitutes; my fountain pens tend to dry out for lack of consistent use in this application.)

I have a list of six scenes/plot points I need to add (They all fit on a 3x5 card taped to my monitor, wonder of wonders) and things are proceeding smoothly enough that I'm downright concerned that I'm on the extra-good writer crack.

Also, my sentence-level must have improved over the course of this book. I'm finding lots and lots of scaffolding and temporizations and clumsy adjectives and telling things that I already showed to kill! kill! kill! Eat dead burnt tree pulp and get fuzz in my teeth....


Sorry. Did I mention I've been up since 4:30 AM?

It should be an interesting weekend. glyneth and her sweetie and kincross will be in from out of town, and we're having bunchamo people over Saturday night. And I need to figure out what to feed them all... it's been chili the last two times.

I'd make bouillabaisse, but kit_kindred doesn't eat fish. Alas. And it has to be dead-animal based, with any vegetable content other than possibly onions and cooked tomatoes modular, for the same reason. And I want something one-pot, to be served with bread and eaten out of bowls while sitting on the floor.

Hmm. Stew, maybe. Because I'm sure some of the houseguests will just have crawled from the primordial ooze... or, at the very least, I shall feel as if I had.
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