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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


....and I think I fixed what needed fixed with Hammered. That went more smoothly than anticipated. Or possibly I've got that--was it 'raspberry-flavored bunny (writer) crack'?--again. I'm going to let it sit, reread it on Monday to make sure I haven't broken anything, and send it on its merry way.

That means I'm out of deadlines, except the end of the year deadline for the draft of Worldwired, until I get notes back on Scardown. I'll keep you posted. *g*

It's a little like I imagine watching your kid pack for college must feel, except books are less maintenance than kids. And send money home, if you're lucky.

And on to Stratford Man. I think I found the place where the first insert scene goes. They're all Will scenes, which affects narrative balance a little, but screw it. It's supposed to be Will's book, anyway.

In sideways milestoning, this journal has just had its 200th 'friending.' Which seems like an odd sort of milestone, since I don't actually think I'm all that interesting, but apparently some of you do. Either that, or you like hot and sour soup....

This 'friend' (silly term, I think I'll call them 'fond strangers' from now on) is a little project called blog_project, which strikes me as kind of neat. It's a fellow named michaelnolan, who is apparently working on a book about blogging. Go, fond strangers. Examine, investigate. Report....

No, not really. I mean, go investigate. I don't actually need reports.

And WisCon appears to be a 'go.' I'll see some of you there.


WisCon is great. Glad you're going!
I dreamt about getting to read Worldwired the other night, so you must be doing something attention-getting.


Well, assuming I can write it, that one, I can in fact predict with reasonable accuracy that you will get to read. *g*

...as soon as I figure out what it's about. *cough*
I don't actually think I'm all that interesting

People who do think themselves interesting rarely are.

Of course, not everyone who thinks of themselves as uninteresting is wrong, but they do stand a better chance.

And you, my dear Bear, are one of those "wrong" people.



You flatter me. *g*

Manuscripts, incidentally, are for sleeping on. If you happen to be a cat.



You flatter me.

Not at all. (Though if I were, it would be with the hopes of seeing a certain large work show up in my inbox.)

Manuscripts, incidentally, are for sleeping on. If you happen to be a cat.

If you are a cat, everything is for sleeping on.


Remind me when I've got the edit finished and the thing typed up. *g*