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So take a look at fear / it doesn't fit you

This afternoon looks to be busy-ness on a plate. But the boy is buying me lunch at Macayo's after I get him from work, so all is good. Then Costco and grocery store for things for the gathering tomorrow (And I must decide if I shall use my Costco gift card to buy sneakers, or booze. Decisions, decisions. I need sneakers more than I need booze.)

Through page 170 of The Stratford Man is paper-edited, and I got that Ferdinando Stanley scene written last night before bed. That's the end of Act I. Now on to Act II, where Things Get Smutty. (They remain smutty through Act III, and then the smut takes a violent downturn.) I also got two of my check-list boxen checked off, leaving four to go. Which, with a little luck, should only take about three scenes to manage. Film at 11. (A catchphrase that makes no sense in these modern days of satellite trucks. But which does appear during a commercial break on the pirated version of the much-disavowed Star Wars Christmas Special, for what it's worth. This Pop Culture Moment brought to you by the letter W, the number 6, and the music of Warren Zevon.)

The 'done' pile still looks pitiful next to the 'do me' pile. Alas.

And now we go elsewhere.
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