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I am very happy to live in a time where there is so very much good music in the world--

--and I can hear it all. I happen to be in a folk music mood tonight, and I am full of wonder that I can listen to John Gorka and Dar Williams and Peter Mulvey and Ferron and Janis Ian and Emmylou Harris and Hugh Blumenfeld and Laura Nyro and the McGarricle sisters and Leonard Cohen and Joan Osborne and Jim Croce and--

--any time I want.

That's pretty fucking cool. I appreciate that.

And that is all.

"And it's the same old thirst for more until they put you in the dirt."

or maybe

"I got old: I just didn't get wise."

Life is good. Looks like I might finish that paper edit tonight if I don't screw around too much.

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