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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I am very happy to live in a time where there is so very much good music in the world--

--and I can hear it all. I happen to be in a folk music mood tonight, and I am full of wonder that I can listen to John Gorka and Dar Williams and Peter Mulvey and Ferron and Janis Ian and Emmylou Harris and Hugh Blumenfeld and Laura Nyro and the McGarricle sisters and Leonard Cohen and Joan Osborne and Jim Croce and--

--any time I want.

That's pretty fucking cool. I appreciate that.

And that is all.

"And it's the same old thirst for more until they put you in the dirt."

or maybe

"I got old: I just didn't get wise."

Life is good. Looks like I might finish that paper edit tonight if I don't screw around too much.


Synchronicity Of Sorts

Tonight at job #2, as I was driving around listening to the radio, I thought about how much music fills our modern lives. It's everywhere, and so easily accessible.

Then I wondered about folks in the 1800's, and how much of their lives were filled with music. Then I sneezed and nearly ran over a nice Jewish family walking home from temple, but that's a whole other story.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Re: Synchronicity Of Sorts


But that was because grampa had a fiddle and aunti jo had an accordion and Bob played the noseharp....


Every time I mourn the fact that the music here is awful, I find a radio station out of San Diego... or Sao Paolo... or get turned on to musicians working with Game Boy synths... or angry guitar guys with talent and MP3s.

I can't go to Borders to get what I want... but that doesn't mean I can't find it.


Now I'm going to go listen to some bhangra as I work on this card :)

Music Appreciation Day

I spent today at the annual Mid-Winter Scottish and Irish Music Fest, featuring 7N, Rathkeltair (Neil Anderson's latest grouping, which also showcases old 7N drummer Nick Watson, Celtic Soul's guitar and WaaWaa pedal player Trevor, and the jingly barefoot bassist called Collier), Hadrian's Wall, Searson and more!

Seems a good music day was had by all...

Re: Music Appreciation Day

Jen and I are all geeked today (15th) because the East Coast Music Awards are going to be on CBC tonight, it's in St John's, and A Crowd of Bold Sharemen and Great Big Sea are both supposed to be playing.

It occurs to me that if I hadn't become a useless bum, I would long ago have sent you a CD with at least a couple of Sharemen tracks on it, Sarah. IMO they are easily the best traditional band with vocals out there today. (And their tunes are wonderfully good as well.)

Re: Music Appreciation Day

Sol, and I need to build you that mix I promised by March. I just have to get ambitious on a day when my CD burner is also working.

srallen, the Internet is a godsend. There's not much local music scene here either (Ann Arbor, here I come! Or maybe Northampton--) but my friends turn me on to the good stuff.

writeong, That sounds like a really good music day. I haven't heard Seven Nations or Celtic Soul in years.

Peter Mulvey's "Shirt" is available for download on his website (www.petermulvey.com, under 'music') for another three weeks or so. None of you have any excuse not to go get it. *g*

I turn 33 this year, and I can already see that this song is going to relate to the nostalgia I wish I were feeling.

Re: Music Appreciation Day

I actually have two copies of the CD with "Trouble With Poets" on it -- Jaime sent me an extra. I'd be happy to send it to a good home.
I was rereading this post & I remembered a conversation I had last spring semester w/ an international student from China: I was saying something about folk music and he asked what that was.

He insisted that there wasn't any folk music in his village and he didn't think China had any. Yet I heard a piece on NPR recently about a type of folk music surviving in a certain area, which they'd adopted from European visitors ... I dunno, China's a damn big country: anything could be true about it somewhere.

But I remembered you were interested in China. And I'm avoiding my schoolwork. Ta ta!