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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Lookin' like a true survivor / feelin' like a little kid.

The Revolution apparently will be televised, after all.

Richard M. Fucking Daley

This may be my day to kiss a conservative. I'm so pleased that I'm not even going to point out that positive stereotyping is still stereotyping.

Via Electrolite


I believe Daley is a liberal by national standards. But not usually _that_ liberal. But it's probably more important that he's a practical politician, from a family of practical politicians.

He wouldn't have taken that position unless he considered it likely to gain him more support than he would lose.

Now to see if any Republican officials, anywhere in the US, start supporting gay marriage. (Some Minnesota Republicans -- including the Governor and the Republican Senator -- are bucking the President on importation of prescription drugs from Canada, so it's possible.)


They'll start supporting it when Republican voters start supporting it. So if you are/know some, go to't!

And go, Hizzoner!

Republican voters

In Minneapolis, the two parties on the City Council are Democratic (technically Democratic-Farmer-Labor) and Green. [Council elections are nonpartisan -- and Chicago has the Weak Mayor system of government.] The part of Minneapolis I live in tends to vote a bit left of San Francisco (though definitely right of Berkeley). There's a shortage of Republican voters in the city.

And the ones I know are already likely to support gay rights.
Huzzah! Thanks for posting, Bear.
I'm not sure if he was stereotyping, exactly. I'm sure he knows there are gay mechanics and plumbers and other blue collar workers, just like there are doctors, lawyers and whatever else he said. I think he may have been saying, "Look, you place enough trust in a person that s/he's your *doctor*, and you don't think they should be allowed to marry?"

I'd like to believe that's what he means. I think it's supported by the follow-up "These are your sons and daughters."


I was actually referring to the "They're good parents" comment. *g*

Well, realistically, gays and lesbians are about as good as parents as heterosexuals who wanted the kids in the first place. Which can be, in fact, extraordinarily bad. *g*

But I sppreciate the support none the less.


Oh. Well, I thought he was talking about specific couples he knew, for some reason.

Anyway, I fully agree. A semi-rational conservative. What next? ;)

completely off-topic

But what the heck is your subject line from? I know I know it, and I can't dredge it up.

Re: completely off-topic

"I'm still standing, after all this time..."

It's a song lyric. Elton John.

Re: completely off-topic

Would you believe an Elton John song that I heard on the radio today, for probably the first time since 198_ ?

"I'm Still Standing," it's called. It's egregiously bad pop.

Re: completely off-topic

Yes. That *is* it. No wonder I was repressing.

And now I have the song stuck in my head, of course.


California was a bit far (from Florida) For us poor, self-employeed writerly types to go, but Chicago is damn near close to being a daytrip. Thanks for posting the link, Bear.

Re: Hoooo-Haaa!

Rocks, don't it? Let's see if he pulls it off.

Re: Hoooo-Haaa!

The really weird part is how I heard it first On Paul Harvey's daily report. He wasn't damning it. He even included Daly's comment about divorce.

Re: Hoooo-Haaa!

Seriously? Paul Harvey was actually kinda in favor?

I think I just saw a pig fly by.

Re: Hoooo-Haaa!

Give a holler, if you do?
Hee. This tops the midnight invasion of Meigs Field.
but. but. but. Daley isn't a Conservative, is he? It's been a long time since I've lived in Chicago, but I thought the Daleys were Democrats, nominally liberals? Corrupt, of course, but corruption does not limit itself to political orientation. I do have to say that I have several friends who are raving lunatics on almost every other political topic (in the right-wing direction) who acknowledge that gay marriage should be a right, so I know for a fact that there are several conservative _people,_ if not politicians, who have half a clue on this topic.