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Quite suddenly the top blew off--

TNH on The Getting Of Agents

A little further down the page, she also says, "Almost all the best writing advice is simple. The trick is to learn to take it."

How true.

If you're a genre writer type and you don't know about The Write Hemisphere newsblog yet, it's time to learn!

nolove from Wicked Hollow yesterday; it was beautifully written, but too fantasy for them. Alas. Will no-one rid me of this 4K pulpy!pulpy!pulpy! swords and sorcery deconstruction extravaganza?


Yeah, that's what I thought. *g*

(I've decided to start tracking my rejections as well as my acceptances in my blog because people keep dropping me nice emails that say things like, "It's very therapeutic to listen to you flail about miserably, just like I do." So forgive the self-indulgence, please. Or revel in my misfortune, if you prefer.)

In good news, however, I got my contrib copies of on spec yesterday, and they gave me last position, which is a nice vote of confidence. And I reread my own story without wincing more than once or twice, which was a marvellous feeling: it was better than I remembered it being. Congrats to leahbobet on her sale to them, by the way. And to Charlie, who is kicking ass and taking names all over the map. And offending people, because he's a Pervert! Go Charlie!

The only good book is a book that's bounced off at least one wall, I say.

And my copy of Polyphony 3 came the other day. Which means I have to read icky taniase's icky story with its icky girl germs again. *g*

And once I go warm up my leftover chili, I must sit down and edit like an editing fool. Because arcaedia will feel lonely and unloved if I don't provide her with at least three manuscripts to shake her head over this year. Okay, probably not. But I gotta do somethin'--
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