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nolove from F&SF today. I've reached page 323 in the paper edit of Bridge of Blood and Iron, which is about where I quit last time. Fortunately, no feelings of panic yet this time, just a mild and continuous loathing.

I'm trying to decide whether to go and write out longhand the scenes I've listed out that I need to add to the first 323 pages (which will then be more like the first 360 pages), or to keep going and see if I can actually outline the rest of what I need to add to the novel. Balancing the POVs and making sure the two new ones have enough to do is kicking my ass.

Essentially, what I have is a finished novel, and I'm trying to outline two more plot threads to balance the protagonist's POV and show some of what's going on while she's shoveling through her own pile of drek.

This isn't easy. I keep remembering the cartoon of the two spiders that have spun a web and are trying to catch a trout, and one spider says to the other spider, "If we can pull this off, we'll eat like Kings!" That's kinda where I am with this thing, frankly.

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