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Just finishing up making dinner--pasta and a green Thai curry made with the chicken and veggies that were left in the bottom of the pot after I consumed all the broth from the hot and sour soup I made two days ago--and once it is consumed, I will settle down and get a good push on Bridge of Blood & Iron for another two or three hours before bed. I'm on page 413 of the paper edit, and I figured out the new ending today. I still have all the heavy rewriting and additional scenes to do, as I've been outlining them rather than writing them as I proceed through the manuscript.

I fear the continuity edit on this thing.

It's demanding a less Gordon Lightfoot ending this time ("You know you'll never read that book again/because the ending's much too hard to take.") which I suppose is all to the good. And as I'm starting to see the 'new book' more than the 'old book' it's becoming less stultifying, because it's turning into a different story now instead of the story I've already told. And it's begging a sequel. Bastard. Guess I have to write Whiskey & Water after all.

Good workout day today--weights, some sort of belly dance/kickboxing fusion, some stretching and a hike up the foothills of Frenchman's Mountain, complete with an awesome view of the Las Vegas valley at dusk, with the lights coming on and the setting sun streaming through broken clouds over Mount Charleston. Boy, the valley is big. And flat. And full of housing developments.

Time to go put the pasta on.

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