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2700 positive words on Blood & Iron today, and 2500 negative words. Alas. *g* I zorched an entire ten page scene that I decided was more or less just me explaining the magic system to myself. But I did get two five-page scenes that include action! and plot! added. And I converted some vaguely scribbled outline notes into some more coherently cscribbled outline notes, and I know what scene I have to write tomorrow.

I'm on page ~340 of ~570-and-growing, and moving along. Still not entirely sure how all this balances--the two major subplots seem to be alternating emphasis rather than running nice and even, but such is life; you railroad when it's railroading time.

I may be starting to like this book a little bit, now.

And even though my guilt gorilla thinks I should still be writing, I'm going to knock off and go do something else. Like watch TV with the boy.

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