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Fifty fans can't be wrong

pameladean on The Rules (which aren't)

arcaedia wants to know what kind of rejections frustrate you

Robert Weinberg on how to go broke as a writer, via nihilistic_kid


"And we looked out to see our enemies and we see that you're looking all at us instead."
--Dar Williams, "The Great Unknown"

1,756 new words on Blood & Iron, counting some words that were done before bed last night and not tallied. Page 356 of 575, and I'm going to keep entering the line edits for a bit, although I probably won't write any more tonight.

I think, in the final analysis, all of my books are about the fine dividing line between necessity and tragedy, and how real life doesn't make distinctions between the two.

I reread "Babi Yar" in translation tonight. I relearned three things: Yevtushenko still makes me cry; I want to learn Russian mostly so I can read him in the original; and I hope if it ever comes down to it that I can show that man's personal courage in my convictions.

I'm also pleased he outlived Phil Ochs, although I am displeased that Phil gave up on us. If only he'd held on another thirty years. We could use him now.

Speaking randomly of people with something to say for themselves.
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