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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

A pig may be educated.

So I'm rereading "The Island of Doctor Moreau," because I'm sure as heck not writing anything tonight.

I love H.G. Wells. Especially when he's as subtle as a tack hammer.

Sometimes I rise above my level, sometimes I fall below it; but always I fall short of the things I dream. The human shape I can get now, almost with ease, so that it is lithe and graceful, or thick and strong; but often there is trouble with the hands and the claws,—painful things, that I dare not shape too freely.

The complete text is available online.


Urrghh! This is going to drive me insane.

I'm sure I recognise the person in your icon, but I can't think of 'n's name.

Take pity on me?
It's Phil Ochs!

I've been frothing about him so much lately, I decided I needed an icon. I had forgotten what a cute boy he was.

He looks a bit like Bruce Campbell, though, now that I squint just right.
My problem is that there are so many things I find shiny that I can't possibly make icons for all of them. I could probably fill up twice fifty slots, with great randomosity. *g* heck, I could fill up fifty just with musicians. Just with cute musicians who write fabulous lyrics, for that matter (*g*). (John Gorka... hot boy... Ferron... cute dyky girl... I could be here all day.)

Maybe I need to make a very. very. random mood set.....

I haven't seen the le Guin edited Time Machine. Thanks! *adds to list of things to look for*
ISLAND is my absolute favorite Wells book.

That is all.

[cue Oingo Boingo: "What is the law? No spill blood! What is the law?! No spill blood!!!"]