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Some writers get closure. Others don't. Specifically, or so it seems to me from observing them in their native state, some writers can fiddle with a story forever, tweak it, revise it from the ground up, change things and break things and make new things and so forth. And they enjoy it; they don't have closure on their stories.

Me, I finish a plot arc, get it as close to the picture in my head as I an get it, revise it as best as I can, and I never want to see the damned thing again. It's gone. It's a river that's moved on.

I wonder if there's a link to writers who write for catharsis (like me) and writers who write for whatever reason you sane people write for.

1074 words on Blood & Iron, and page 390 of 584, and end of scene. I think I'll do line edits until I hit the point of the next insertion, and then play stupid windows games. Or read Tolstoy. Or something.

So do your duty, boys, and join with pride
Serve your country in her suicide
Find the flags so you can wave goodbye
But just before the end even treason might be worth a try
This country is to young to die

I declare the war is over
It's over, it's over

--Phil Ochs

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