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Dead Uncle Allotheria

katallen on The Art of the Con as it relates to the Craft of Writing (with special attention to the BBC television show "Hustle," for the Dr. "Sir" Robert Vaughn fans I know are out there on the flist.

1,277 words on B&I today. I finished the scene I said I would finish, and I have another shortish scene to write tomorrow. I'm on page 400 of 590. Slightly worrisome that the book keeps getting longer, and the ending doesn't get any closer.... *g* Bataan death march of novelization. trudge trudge trudge.

nomail today. It was nice to see David McCallum get to dust off his icy-cool persona on NCIS tonight. Let's be real: I watch the show for him and Pauley Perrette.

I was very excited to discover that I had a new pair of sneakers I'd forgotten I bought, because the old pair needed badly to be thrown out. Yay! Neither my feet nor shins hurt after my walk today. And now I am going to bed.

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