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1293 words on a new short story, and about a sentence on B&I. Bad bear.

I know what happens next on B&I. I'm just back to being painfully bored by all of it. Maybe it will look brighter tomorrow, when I'm not so very, very tired.

No real exercise today, except some light stretching, although I did eat all the vegetables in North America for dinner (an apple, a carrot, two stalks of celery, bok choy, an entire can of salt-free sweet corn, and some jicama. And a dark German beer. We can't be perfect all the time.). 25 minutes of weights yesterday, nothing Wednesday, and a 3-mile walk on Tuesday. Still holding out on the caffeine, although it was a close thing today. Day four with almost none (I had half a chocolate bar Tuesday, I think it was) and I'm still headachy and out of sorts, but doing better. I did not get the afternoon nap I planned because Chris' cousin showed up just as I was lying down on the sofa, and I refuse to nap in beds. I always feel ickier when I get up when I try to nap in a bed.)

Just ignore that stuff. It's all about the self-indulgence.

And my feet feel *much* better, thank you.

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