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More about how writing works for me: Ideas

Well. Not too shabby.

1304 new words on B&I and some existing pages edited, bringing me to page 473 of 607. I may actually have this thing done in two weeks.

Also, 593 words on the new short story thing, which is being an oddly linear actiony SF/F crossover narrative. I can live with that, as unlike me as it is.

Lot of argument breaking out on a mailing list I'm on about how much research is enough, for writing fiction. My two cents is that there's never enough--there's just as much as you can reasonably manage, and the knowledge that you will get things wrong. But fewer things, and less significant ones.

It seems to me that the more details a writer gets *right*--the more cohesive and authoritative his world is--the more likely the reader is to stay with him when he takes that left turn from reality, changes something for a reason, or just plain bitches something up.

Besides, if I didn't read nonfiction obsessively, look for neat things, watch documentaries, and talk to new people, I would never get half the story ideas I get. I'm with Bradbury and Waldrop on this one: the more you read and the more you look at and the more you do, the more ideas you get. Ideas are like scrip; they have to earned.

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