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Take a gulp of fresh air

via nihilistic_kid (and quoted from him, below)

Charles L. Grant, the acclaimed horror author, has been diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). As a result, and probably for the rest of his life, he will rely on bottled oxygen to live. Alas, Charles and his wife, Kathryn Ptacek, are without health insurance and their need is great.

A "Fresh Air" fund has been set up to accept donations which will be used to pay the staggering expenses of oxygen and other durable medical equipment required for his care and sustenance. If you can spare ANY amount, the donation would be appreciated.

There are two ways to contribute. Mail a check in any amount, made out to Kathryn Ptacek, to:

Fresh Air Fund
c/o Kathryn Ptacek
P. O. Box 97
Newton, NJ 07860-0097

or Paypal:

Grant has published over 100 books in various genres, with a number of his novels appearing on the bestseller lists of USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and London Times. His nearly two hundred short stories have been published in anthologies and magazines worldwide. He also edited the award-winning anthology series, Shadows.

In 1987 he received the British Fantasy Society's Special Award, for life achievement. In addition, he has received two Nebula Awards and three World Fantasy Awards for his writing and editing. In 2000 he was given the Horror Writers Association's Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2002 he was honored with the Grandmaster Award of the World Horror Convention.


My comments:

I don't know Charles, but Kathy is an old online acquaintance of mine, probably known to some of you as the "Gila Queen" of the Gila Queen's Market Newsletter.

They deserve the help, folks. The last few years have not been easy for them.

[Writing is like splitting wood.] Aim past the wood; aim through the wood; aim for the chopping block.

--Annie Dillard

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