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"Who's your daddy? Tell him, D'Argo." "I'm your daddy." "That's right."

Busy day.

Worked this morning, came home intending to write, and discovered a buttload of actual writer type nonwriting work awaiting me: to wit, a note from Anne that she'd read Scardown and liked it, and to expect the CEM of Hammered in a month or so (Mid-April? All good.), coupled with questions from Anne on the direction I intend to take Worldwired in, so she can tailor her comments on Scardown to suit. Do I know fear?


Only a little. *g*

Also, my copy of the contract from Scifiction came, signed, sealed and delivered. Ellen's signature is the signature of somebody who signs her name a lot.

And I got my first stranger-blurb on Hammered (from a multiple-award winning science fiction writer, and he said such very nice things....) which was an amazing experience. Somebody I don't know personally, but whom I know by reputation, read my book and liked it enough to say so in public.

That's a very cool sensation.

Then I walked 4.5 miles and watched the back half of an episode of Farscape that was on the Scifi Channel (Cancelling bastards! Oh, wait, they owe me money--) because the boy was using my computer, and edited about ten pages of Blood & Iron.

And now I really really must write.

Battle scenes. I feel about battle scenes the way most writers feel about fight scenes. Bleh. I hate these things. Maybe Diane Duane would write it for me if I sent her a nice card? She does such shiny battle scenes....

...or fill up the hole with our English dead. Right. Here we go....

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