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katallen on plot some more.

The Stratford Man takes two and a quarter reams of paper and an entire ink cartidge to print out, and fills a 6" manuscript box to the brim. That's a long book.

Since I'm on vacation and we were talking about this, I think I'm going to see if I can start a brand-new Birthday Meme

Interesting people/things with whom/which I share my birthday:

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, Fay Weldon, Michael Faraday, Nick Cave, Li Zicheng, Fay Weldon, Bulgaria, Mali, the Peace Corps,and Joan Jett.

Interesting people who died on my birthday:

Snorri Sturluson (depending whether you're using the Gregorian or Julian calendar), Shaka Zulu, Henry Plantagenet (3rd Earl of Leicester), Irving Berlin, George C. Scott, and Hugo Young

Interesting things that happened on my birthday:

1598: Ben Jonson indicted for manslaughter
1692: Last eight witchcraft hangings of the Salem witch trials
1776: Nathan Hale hanged for spying
1784: Russia establishes a colony in Kodiak, Alaska
1789: Russian forces defeat the Turkish army at the Rymnik River, breaking the Turkish invasion of Russia
1792: commencement of the French Republican Calendar (They actually did this in 1793, but they backdated it to the date of the Convention the previous year.)
1827: The angel Moroni reveals the golden tablets containing the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith
1862: President Lincoln announces the emancipation of slaves
1893: Duryea Brothers take the first American-produced automobile for a spin through the streets of Springfield, Massachusetts
1906: Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) speaks at daughter Clara's American singing debut in the town of Norfolk, Connecticut. Proceeds from the concert fund a memorial window to Olivia Clemens in the town's Episcopal Church.
1938: The "Long Island Express" (an estimated Category 5 hurricane at the peak of its force) finally dissipates over Canada, having making landfall the previous day over Long Island, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Blue Hill Observatory in Massachussets measured sustained winds of 121 MPH, gusting as high as 183.
Katharine Hepburn was a survivor of this hurricane. So was my grandfather, who drove home to Wethersfield from New York City in its midst, stopping to sandbag along the way. No hurricane ever stopped a Swede.
1949: Soviet Union's first nuclear weapon detonated
1964: Fiddler on the Roof opens on Broadway
1964: The Man from UNCLE premiers on NBC
1973: Henry Kissinger sworn in as Secretary of State

Do we sense a trend?

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