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Got through all the notes I have so far from my first readers on B&I and got a bunch of bits tidied and sort of stitched together better. Thank you katallen, cpolk, dlandon, sosotris2012, and palinade. You're all owed chocolate or scotch. Your choice.

Also got about 130 pages of a MS I'm reading for a workshop friend read and annotated. I'm more than a quarter of the way done. (I've promised two or three more novel crits this summer, too. I'm such a dork. I had to turn somebody down the other day whose book I really would have liked to read, because I just... am swamped.) I finished Divine Intervention and the Winter issue of On Spec, and I'm making progress on Moonwise, finally. *g* Not that any of y'all care about that, or should. Also got a box of books on pre-revolutionary Russia from my dad (someday that Moroccan Cossack fantasy will get written) and I'm kind of looking at the pile of things I need to get done this year and shaking my head slightly.

April is a reading month. I need some time to recuperate from doing four more-or-less substantial rewrites in a row (Scardown, Hammered, The Stratford Man, and now Blood & Iron) before I have to face my editorial letter for Scardown and whatever Jenn has to say about Blood & Iron--and write Worldwired. And I still have both One-Eyed Jack and Whisky & Water kicking around in the back of my head going wrrriiiiittteeeee meeeeee! wrriiiiiiiiiiiteeeeeeeeeeeeeee meeee!. And I have a pile of fiction and nonfiction to get through, including all my research books for Worldwired.

But that's cool. That's all right.

I just have to manage to wedge all this in around all the running around the nation I do between Thursday and Labor Day. *g*

If I seem not to be around much this summer, it's not you.

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