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Hah! I was right. That is Maddy Prior.

I'm sitting on Sol's living room floor currently while he works on Ambercon stuff in the other room and the boy naps. All is reported well at home, and we are safe on the ground in Ann Arbor.

The plane trip was sardineville. Sheesh. One more reason to loose weight--and preferably all of it by the time I fly back to Vegas on Tuesday.

I still love Michigan. Hmm. I wonder how they feel about itinerant writers, here.

Slowly but surely, the writing itch is starting to come back. Which is good, because I have a novel to rewrite. *g* Again. Also, I have to get the pony express story finished one of these days. I know what happens and even what order it happens in. I just am still wrung dry of words in the wake of the B&I rewrite. The good news is, I'm ahead of schedule on most things.

And 'm reading so much. And it's easy and fun again! Yay!

Scardown rewrite deadline: on or about April 20th. Which is about when the CEM for Hammered should show up.

What was that about turtles?

In other news, Sol & Jenn's cat is adooooooooorable.

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