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Ambercon is over. I have survived another year. We had lunch at the Bonfire Bistro and I may never eat again.

Also, I think I finished my rewrite on Scardown kind of accidentally. Really, I just meant to take it out and look at it, and I started fiddling, and the next thing I knew I was at the bottom of the editorial letter and there wasn't any more.

There's something to be said for doing many drafts before submittal.

Collected a YA novel reject and a short story semipro sale that I'm not allowed to talk about yet over the weekend.

In annoying news, my laptop seems to have a Eudora glitch where it occasionally looses its memory about certain emails that I know perfectly well should exist. This is going to require a reinstall when I get home, I think. It's currently annoying because I had three long emails written that contained game quotes from Ambercon, and they seem to be among the ones that Eudora's ToC is missing. However, Eudora being the largely bulletproof creature that it is, I suspect that when I do a reinstall in place, they'll reappear.

Still, grr.

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