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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Oh, by the way--

Elena updated her Chernobyl Webpage:

As you can see, on asphalt things not bad, but if I step 10 meters forward, my dosimeter will run out of scale, if I walk few hundred meters towards reactor, then I will find 3 roengen. If I keep walking all the way to reactor, then at the end of a journey I will glow in a dark. May be this is why they call it a magic wood. this sort of a magic when one walk in in a biker leather and coming out like a knight in a shinning armour.

Read that. seriously.


The amusement park pictures were eeriely reminiscent of the scariest scene in Terminator II.

I've read the whole thing twice now. It's one of the most amazing, emotion-garnering things I've read in a while.

(Got it up on my blog too! :) )
One of my non-LJ friends pointed this out, and after a couple of days I was just starting to think, "Gee, I haven't seen this in my corner of LJ. Maybe I should ..." and, lo! there you were.

In addition to the central topic, I was much struck with elena's sense of humor and the great glee she seemed to take in dissing the former Soviet regime. It's a very complex piece with lots of nuance. I didn't realize it had existed without the pictures.


I'm very impressed by her fearlessness and humor, and her ear for a striking image and turn of phrase, even in a language she's obviously not completely comfortable with.

Somebody on one of the motorcycle boards figured out that if she was redlining a 1100--CC Kawasaki, she was probably moving in excess of 150 MPH. Wow.

She's like those przwalski's horses--she knows this deadly environment she lives in, and she moves through it like it's her native ground.

The earlier version of this web page had a photo of her and her dad, as well, and she mentioned that her father didn't worry about her touring the zone of exclusion. He worried about her riding the Kawasaki in 6th gear....

It's so very human.

The world ends.

As people and as fiction writers, I think we sometimes forget that even after the apocalypse, the cows still have to milked.