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Black and bays, dapples and greys--

Whee! Chizine is live with my story, "The Chains That You Refuse."

That's the second-person future perfect one that I wrote on a dare from tanaise, if you;re playing along at home.

Also, be very sure to check out The Fortean Bureau tomorrow. I understand Jeremy T. has something special planned.

Reading over the weekend: finished Laura Hillebrandt's Seabiscuit, Diane Duane's Stealing The Elf-King's Roses, and Peter Leslie's The Radioactive Camel Affair. That last was the one with the detailed description of water torture that I vaguely remembered from my childhood youth.

Also, walked four miles, bought two yoga DVDs at Barnes & Noble (Along with a couple of Scientific Americans, the new F&SF (Beagle! Yay!), and the new Cook's Illustrated. I was at Dawn Treader books in Ann Arbor yesterday, and I came home with an absolute haul, mostly Russian history, Cold War spy stuff, WWII history, and a book of Beatnik fiction. I'm still playing with that idea about the Beatniks making the world safe for Communism, but I'm not sure where it's going yet.

Had an idea on the stalled Pony Express story while I was walking today.

Got paid for the story (April 7th! Mark your calendars!) and blew some of it on the abovementioned books and DVDs, and a little more than I probably should have on booze, since we were down by Las Vegas' only decent liquor store today. But as an immediate result of that and the fact that the rose bush by the front door is dripping with flowers, I've put up two bottles of rose petal vodka. For Which I Have Plans. *cackle*

Life is good.

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