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Sometimes it's good to loose your pride.

No walking today, but I did 40 minutes of yoga. I'd forgotten how good it makes you feel afterwards. Although my flexibility, balance, and strength are shot. I have not been taking adequate care of myself.

A word to the wise for would-be writers who haven't figured out this particular pitfall yet: it's an incredibly sedentary occupation. Exercise. And do it before you let yourself get as out of shape as I have. :-P

I forget how much I like apples. Good apples are hard to get in Vegas, and Macintoshes are an utter loss. But I got my paws on some Jonagolds that hadn't been carnuba waxed to within an inch of their lives, and they are crunchy and juicy and tart.

I actually wrote about a page and a half on the pony express story today. It will persist in coming in dribs and drabs.

And now I'm off to finish reading "Quarry."

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