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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Oh, and in other news--

My girls kicked ass last night.

Today is not the day to have a medical emergency in the state of Connecticut. Or try to get anything done at all, anywhere, I suspect, because I rather imagine nobody in the state has slept in 48 hours.

Congratulations Huskies, on becoming the first division 1 school in history to win the Men's and Women's national titles in the same year.

Also, Happy 84th birthday, Ravi Shankar.

Oh, it's just going to be one of those days! *bounce*


It was exciting here, too, for reasons that i detailed in my blog (the relative success of the women's team of U of M). But still, even though I am not into basketball, taking both the male and female championships is pretty damned special.

And I had no idea UConn was your alma mater. Or I forgot. Or something. :grin:

I loved living in a state that took girls' sports as seriously as boys'.

I miss it.
Well, I can think of one way fix that.... ;)
Sure, soon as I move the movie rights to this thing, I'm there....
Well, as you might notice from another place at SciFi.com, where they had the press release about their upcoming schedule plans, your skilled and talented agent can do the movie/tv rights thing. *grin*

From http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/art-sfc.html?2004-04/06/17.00.sfc
"SCI FI will be producing Dresden Files, a two-hour backdoor pilot film based on the Jim Butcher novels and co-executive produced by Nicolas Cage."

More info on that at http://www.jim-butcher.com/news/000013.php

I'd heard a rumor that she was gifted in many fields of endeavour.
Hmmm....note to self.... *scribble*

Oh -- and yay, Huskies! I think I have to say that (living this close) or risk getting my car tipped over!
I bet the mood is giddy out there in the small-but-mighty state of Connecticut today.

The riots made the national news. Nice to know the Jungle hasn't changed one bit.
My hubbie's a big UConn fan as he's from CT. I was happy the women won if Minnesota couldn't, although I'm such a sucker for the underdog I'll admit I was saddened when MN lost.
I was glad they beat TN, though. I loathe that team.
One of us! One of us! *g*

Now, if you can manage to hate Duke too, you'll be halfway to Nutmegger citizenship....
Doesn't everyone hate Duke? :)
They do if they know what's good for them.

We are all united against Duke.
Oh, of course I hate Duke. Doesn't that come automatically, like hating the Yankees? (My Granddad is a Duke fan because my mom went there, but I just can't like the BlueBloods even out of familial loyalty.)