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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I am so earwormed of this song.


I more or less have pub dates. Hammered tentatively in January 2005 (mass market paperback) and Scardown to follow about six months later, God willing and the creek don't rise. My turn-in date for Worldwired is January 2005 (although I'm setting myself some preliminary deadlines before then, just to be sure it's good and it's done), and I believe it's on the same 6-month schedule, which makes it January 2006.


So I'm nine months from in print, assuming I don't get bumped. That's pretty earth-shattering.

It may be starting to sink in now.


*gurgle* I'm under the four month mark, now, and starting to seriously freak... In a good way, of course.
Real people! My words! Reading! Ogawdwhattiftheyhateme!

Yeah. I know it well. *g*

I hear you adjest faster if you close your eyes and jump....
Nah, I'll just sit here and hyperventilate...
Six months, nice! That means they hope to really make you a "brand" fairly quickly.
We can only hope it works, eh?

Oh, BTW, congrats on the bitchin' PW review.
Remember, brands need to be defended. You must immediately sue anyone else who uses the terms 'Elizabeth' or 'bear', for the rest of your days, sort of like Fox News sued Al Franken for using the words 'Fair and Balanced'. Doesn't matter if you lose. YOU MUST DEFEND YOUR BRAND!

Welcome to Bleak House.
"Spontaneous combustion, of all the deaths there are, and no other!"

Read it sophomore year in Victorian Lit. I fear that book.

Fear it.
Wow cool!
Hey, if the earth must shatter, that's a fantastic way to do it! Great news.
Wheee! Words like being read.

It is... not really hard, per se, but distancing. I wonder what it's going to feel like to hold the damned thing in my hands, and if it will really be real then. I'm not sure.

I am starting to realize that this is my *job,* though, and that's kind of a funky sensation. Cool and funky both.

I know what you mean about the boot camp, though. You kind of slip a shilling in their hand and pat them on the head and say, "Write if you get work, little story." And that is that.

I have a contract for making my diss a book and it hasn't sunk in to me, either.
Yeah, that. Exactly. Books are something other people do. It's a big mental transition to make.
Coolness. Being scheduled always helps.


Cheers and hootin' and hollerin'

Woo-hoo! Congrats! I'll be waiting and counting the days. Now I can tell my older sister, who will tell all her friends and my new brother-in-law (well, he'll be my brother in law on Saturday anyway) and he can tell all his friends and his Navy buddies... (don't you love free pr?)

Re: Cheers and hootin' and hollerin'

We do love free PR. And it's military science fiction, even. So there's a chance Navy guys will like it....
Oooh, well done!

I'll be getting it from amazon or somesuch when it comes out. Won't wait for it to come out in the UK. :)
Thanks! Every little bit helps, of course.

Oh. dear me. Your Icon almost just cost me a keyboard.

*cracks up*
Oh, it won't be just a little bit. I have family and friends who break out into cold sweats if they haven't read a book in 24 hours. I'll be passing it onto them after reading it myself. :-)

And, let me tell you, this icon has cost me dearly in keyboard replacing for unsuspecting ljers. *g*
Congratulations. I envy you.

But the drinks are on you.
You're obviously sadly confused as to exactly how much writers get paid. *g*
No, I just trust you to know where all the open bars are in Vegas.
So amazing, and so cool. I love the vicarious thrill of watching folks geek out when their publication dates are announced. Congrats! :D