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I'm reading Robert Silverberg's Science Fiction: 101 (previously published as Worlds of Wonder. It's an anthology of the writers and stories he considers most influential to his own career, each one linked to a critical essay on the craft of writing and that particular story's successes or failures.

If you love science fiction. If you write science fiction. If you just love good stories. Or if you love Robert Silverberg's inimitable pithy wit. Get this book.

I'm not actually learning a lot that's new in terms of writing technique and why it's wise for young writers to study it (although the mini-essay on the perils of first person is, alone, worth the price of the book.) but the stories are a fascinating overview of the best of SF of a particular era, and Silverberg's essays are about the best journeyman-to-master's-level codification of the principles of writing well and all the myriad ways to do it that I have ever seen.

Good stuff. And eminently readable.

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