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If you're going to get your heart broke, you better do it just right

It's got to be raining, and you've got to move your stuff that night.

Dar has a way with words, she does. Some of these lyricists are amazing--a whole story in just two rhyming lines. Gorgeous stuff.

And that's the draft done.

Woo hoo. It was really a lot of fun to visit with the old friends again. The moreaux and Kasimir and all the various animal people. And Muire and her boys, of course. And also, I'm glad to be done. And I promise not even to send it to you until 2006, arcaedia.

Gotta see if I can finish the Songlines book tomorrow, and move on to some Chinese politics. Worldwired is making twitching motions in the back of my head, which is promising.

"There's an angry god gonna strike you--that's what we pay him for, that's okay."

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