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Funny things about Las Vegas: the humidity here is so low that, if I haven't used one of my fountain pens in about 12 hours, I have to dip the nib in water to make the ink flow properly. Yes, I store them horizontal. It doesn't help.

5.8 mile walk yesterday. Tonight the boy and I are going to a sneak preview of Man on Fire, so walking is unlikely, but I will try to sneak in some yoga. What the hell; it's free.

Also, I love almost everything about Mozilla, now that I've been using it for a week or so. Using IE at work makes me cranky.

Best bit of the Chatwin book? His musings on Dinofelis, a faux sabretoothed cat that appears to be the best candidate for a specialized predator who mostly ate baboons and other primates. (If you are brewing any kind of icky-thrilling theories as to who those other primates might have been, you're on the same track as M. Chatwin.)

I'm getting ideas for books I'm not allowed to write yet. I hate that. *g*
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