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The worm forgives the plow.

We may be cheerfully destroying the planet one SUV at a time, but damn, the Internet rocks. And so does recorded music. Talk about a civilizing influence.

If you happen to have a subscription, there's a brief and cheerful review of "This Tragic Glass" up at Tangent Online. It's spoileriffic, and I'm not exactly sure what story the reviewer read (because I don't think the resolution of TTG has anything to do with technology at all, but I long ago figured out that the story the reader reads is never the story I think I wrote--which is a whole 'nother discussion, and a phenomenon I'm actually very, very reliant on to make any of my work, er, work) but at least she liked the writing style.

I just signed up for the Broad Universe mailing list, something I should have done a lifetime ago. I wonder if they'll let me in, or pretend they're not home-- *g*

Edit: Memo to me: Most people want validation, not assistance. Ignore this fact at one's own risk.

Now I think I'll go read Scientific American.

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