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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Some days, I even embarrass myself. (The amazing thing is, I haven't been drinking. Really.)

I just watched the Obligatory Brainwashing Episode of I Spy. (Same plot as "Thrush Roulette," two years earlier, for the MfU fans out there. I wonder when we're going to hit the Evil Twin Episode. There must be one, right? (I don't actually know the answer to that; it's been ages since I watched I Spy. *g*))

Among the many joys of this program is, it has lots of young, buff, extremely shirtless Bill Cosby and Robert Culp. I still find it profoundly troubling, how hot Cosby was. I keep going, "I'm oogling Bill Cosby. That's like grabbing your grandfather's ass."

And yet, he was distressingly hot.

This is something to love about the sixties spy shows. (Which I love for many reasons indeed; this is just the most gratuitous of the reasons.) They make absolutely no bones about gratuitously exploiting and objectifying their pretty male leads.

I like that.

"Bill, I'm not sure I can read your UPC code through those skintight white jeans--mind hopping in the swimming pool for a sec?" And the entire English-speaking world knows David McCallum's religion, given the clothes they used to sew him into.

You just don't get those lingering crotch shots of your male leads in appliquéed corduroys any more.

It's a lack.

I'm sure I could find a way to blame feminism for this if I tried.


There were two brainwashing episodes of I, Spy, weren't there? (Hmm. Or was it three? And for some reason, I think it was Kelly who always got brainwashed.)

There was one in Greece. Ouzo was involved. There was another one where they took part in some kind of... training exercise? That brought back memories of their own training. A statue of Rodin was involved, and possible suicide from a high tower in San Franciso. Also there was one where (Kelly?) tries to shoot (Scott?) at the end but keeps deliberately missing, but that may have been the Greek episode.

I haven't watched I, Spy in about 35 years, so I'm going with the bits and pieces floating around in my memory.
The Kelly-tries-to-shoot-Scotty one was the one I watched. "Dude, you couldn't hurt a hair on my head." Very sweet. Scotty's Mr. Good Partner all episode. It's in Acapulco....

I suspect Cosby just didn't look as torturable as Culp, or something.
My favorite was Robert Conrad on Wild. Wild West. They poured him into those pants and ripped that shirt off of him every episode. When I was a kid, I really did watch it for the whiz-bang. That changed with adolescence and reruns. Ah, the memories.
*nod* Robert Conrad actually spend more time nearly naked than McCallum did--which is pretty impressive. It makes you wonder how tight the wardrobe budget for The Wild Wild West was. *g*
Eh, Don't find it troubling. Think of all of us guys who still lust after Diana Rigg. What disturbs me more is that she STILL looks pretty good these days.
It's not just the guys who lust after Rigg. Is all I'm saying. Oh, that jumpsuit. *g*

Also, Honor Blackman was *hot*.
OhmyGodyes. The first time sidewinder and I watched my new I SPY DVDs, she flinched and shuddered, because she's just realized she was ogling the ass of the Jello Pudding Man.

Was it "Anyplace I Hang Myself is Home"?

For a while, before my tv watching went on hiatus, I was writing up my comments on I SPY and posting them in ispyguide--mostly, I noted the slashy moments or lack of clothing. You know, the Important Parts.

Mmmm. The pants.
It was "It's All Done With Mirrors." Which has shirtless Kelly, and then shirtless Scotty, and then even more shirtless Scotty. In those hip-hugging white stretch jeans.


(I'm just shattering my professional image here, aren'tI?)
It's always a winner when BOTH of them are shirtless.
You know, that's actually the one I *don't* like? (Although my boy has the box sets.) I suspect it's my Roger Moore allergy....

I did like the Val Kilmer version. For reasons unknown. How weird is that?
Oh yeah! :)
You just don't get those lingering crotch shots of your male leads in appliquéed corduroys any more.

It's a lack.

It's wrong. It's just wrong.

You should start a campaign. Tight pants today! I'd sign up.
< muttering savagely > Where are my MUNCLE DVDs??????
I can't do that.

But I can do this---

Oh, wow. Thank you!

Next item on the budget--video to DVD converter....
Also, if you check through the back files on Channel_D, I think it is (or maybe Channel_W--they're yahoo mailing lists) there's somebody selling home-made MfU DVDs at $7/each.

Fandom will find a way.