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1634 words on Worldwired today, giving me a grand total of 5100 words counting outline and character notes, and the ending, which is written. Today's writing consists of two scenes.

I'm still not sure I'm starting it in the right place, but I'm not sure I'm starting it in the wrong place, either, and at least critical stuff is happening, which is a good sign. I'm a little neurotic about feeling like maybe I don't have enough plot to keep the characters busy (this book, after all, is very much about wrapping up the unanswered question in the other two), but then I realize I have two novels worth of unresolved plotlines to handle, and I realize that the real challenge will be not allowing new complications to get away and take control of the book. After all, I only have about 110K to tie this all up in.

There are things more boring than novel blogging, but not many. *g*

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