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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

There's just a thin miscalculation of the home row

between flash fiction and slash fiction. You Have Been Warned.

Did the 3.7 mile walk last night, despite summer having arrived in Southern Nevada, a/k/a Hell. May make an attempt at yoga today, if I am not too sleepy. (Did not sleep much last night.)

Wow, I have a laundry list of things to do today; I have packages to put together and mail for various people, I need to buy a new printer (The little HP was not meant for the sort of tree-murdering abuse it gets at my hands, alas), and I have one crit to type up and consider a little more, and two more to do, and I have to write the next scene in Worldwired. The good news is, I know what happens in this cene, and the next one, and probably even the two after that. The book is developing momentum, which is good, because I'd hate to crash into the 35-K Wall without some force behind me.

Because the Dreaded Middle Of The Book is on the other side of the 35-K Wall, and if you're not rolling when you hit that point, it's a wearying slog. Amen.

In other news, I'm 32 years old, and warts are still kind of grossly cool.


The book is developing momentum, which is good, because I'd hate to crash into the 35-K Wall without some force behind me.

My book, on the other hand, is moving with such glacial slowness that the crash into the 35-K wall (looming in 1000 words time!) is going to be very gentle indeed. In fact that's probably what it's bumped to a stop on. At least (after the insight the other week) I do have a slightly better idea of what happens in the middle, though still no idea of what order it happens in.

Dreaded Middle of the Book?

You know, it's funny, but it's the beginning of a novel that I find the hardest to write, not the middle. It's the 30-K slog of settling into characterization, universe details, etc. Then I hit the middle of the book and suddenly everything's rolling along smoothly, and the next thing I know I'm approaching the end.

Which is usually at the point I start rushing. I don't think I've ever written a serious story in which I didn't have to go back and rewrite the end. I always miss things that need to be resolved and rush things that need to take time because I'm so excited about almost being finished.

Re: Dreaded Middle of the Book?

*g* I sometimes rush endings too. Mostly because I Want The Damned Thing Over With.
I don't know if you get BBC America or already know this, but BBCA is rerunning episodes of The Saint every afternoon at 4:00, starting this week. I thought of you when I saw that (after jumping up and down and squeeing, that is).
*g* We have the box set. My husband's a huge Saint fan.
I'm going to be 30 in a few months, and I feel the same way about warts.
Here's to a complete failure to grow up!
Absolutely! Bottoms up!

*drains brandy glass*
What is this "growing up" you speak of?