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You know, I've spent two books giving my characters problems-- and now I have no idea how I'm going to resolve all those problems in just 400 pages.

And currently, I have 11,000 words of mostly just people standing around talking about how screwed they are.

I wonder if I can pull off an entire book of that:.

"Hey, Jock. We're buggered, dontcha know?"

"Yeah, Chris, I hear those other guys are really fucked as well."

"Fuck this for a lark."

"Let's go bowling."

--exeunt, pursued by a Bear--


Actually, despite the day kind of getting away from me, I got 1350 words and a complete scene today, even if it is just people talking about how buggered they are. (And how did sex get to be a metaphor for unpleasantness, anyway?)

And I figured out where and how the book ends, which is always a very good sign.
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