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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

we now return you to your regularly scheduled moment of squeee....

I just got permission to post the cover copy for Hammered. I feel like such a grown-up writer, today!

Hmm. Soon, cover art. Oh no. *g*

I only got around six hundred words yesterday. It was just one of those days. So I must buckle down and do some words this morning. I have three hours before I have to go get the boy.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for... or, at least, I have....


They wired her brain.
Now, they need her soul...


Elizabeth Bear

"A very exciting, very polished, very impressive debut." - Mike Resnick

[Bantam Paperback logo] [Spectra logo] Science Fiction HAMMERED Elizabeth Bear


Be sure not to miss Elizabeth Bear's next exciting novel


Coming in Summer 2005

[sales info here]

The waters have risen. The wars have been fought. And the only way forward is through one woman's mind....

Once Jenny Casey was somebody's daughter. Once she was somebody's enemy. Now, the former Canadian special forces warrior lives on the hellish streets of Hartford, Connecticut in the year 2062. Racked with pain, hiding from the government she served, running with a crime lord so she can save a life or two, Jenny is a month shy of fifty, and her artificially reconstructed body has started to unravel. But she is far from forgotten. A government scientist needs the perfect subject for a high-stakes artificial intelligence project, and has Jenny in his sights.

Suddenly, Jenny Casey is a pawn in a furious battle, waged in the corridors of the internet, on the streets of battered cities, and in the complex wirings of her half manmade nervous system. And she needs to gain control of the game, before a brave new future spins completely out of control.

"A gritty and painstakingly well-informed peek inside a future we'd all better hope we don't get...Elizabeth Bear builds her future nightmare tale with style and conviction and a constant return to the twists of the human heart." - Richard Morgan

Visit Bantam's website at www.bantamdell.com.

Advanced Praise for HAMMERED

"A gritty and painstakingly well-informed peek inside a future we'd all better hope we don't get, liberally seasoned with VR delights and enigmatically weird alien artifacts. Genevieve Casey is a pleasingly original female lead, fully equipped with the emotional life so often lacking in military SF yet tough and full of noir attitude; old enough by a couple of decades to know better but conflicted enough to engage with the sleazy dynamics of her situation regardless. Out of this basic contrast, Elizabeth Bear builds her future nightmare tale with style and conviction and a constant return to the twists of the human heart." - Richard Morgan

"Packed with a colorful panoply of characters, a memorable and likeable anti-heroine, and plenty of action and intrigue, Hammered is a superbly written novel that combines high tech, military industrial politics, and complex morality. There is much to look forward to in new writer Elizabeth Bear." - Karin Lowachee, Campbell-award nominated author of Warchild and Burndive

"Even in scenes where there is no violent action, or even much physical action at all, the thoughts and emotions of Ms. Bear's characters, as well as the dynamic tensions of their relationships, create an impression of feverish activity going on below the surface and liable to erupt into plain view at any moment...The language is terse and vivid, punctuated by ironic asides whose casual brutality-sometimes amusing, sometimes shocking-speaks volumes about these people and their world...This is a superior piece of work by a writer of enviable talents. I look forward to reading more!" - Paul Witcover, author of Waking Beauty

"Hammered is one helluva good novel! Elizabeth Bear writes tight and tough and tender about grittily real people caught up in a highly inventive story of a wild and wooly tomorrow that grabs the reader from the get-go and will not let go. Excitement, intrigue, intelligence-and a sense of wonder, too! Who could ask for anything more?" - James Stevens-Arce, author of Soulsaver, Best First Novel 2000 (Denver Rocky Mountain News)

"In this promising debut novel, Elizabeth Bear deftly weaves thought-provoking ideas into an entertaining and tight narrative." - Dena Landon, author of Shapeshifter's Quest (Dutton, Fall 2004)

"A glorious hybrid: hard science, dystopian geopolitics, and wide-eyed sense-of-wonder seamlessly blended into a single book. I hate this woman. She makes the rest of us look like amateurs." - Peter Watts, Ph.D, author of Starfish and Maelstrom


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You are so the shit!

Can I have your baby?
That. Is so. Awesome!


Just... wow.

So very cool!
the hellish streets of Hartford, Connecticut

Having done some time in Hartford, I couldn't help but giggle when I read this.

I can't wait until it comes out. Is it listed on Amazon yet?
*g* I used to work in the North End. Hartford and I know each other well.

No listing yet, AFAIK. Pub Date is January 2005, unless that changes.
Squee indeed! That's GREAT!
Lady, that's lovely. How cool. Brightened my day just knowing how cool this must be for you.
Yay! That looks awesome, ebear. May I ask when Hammered will arrive on the shelves?
Doh. Nevermind. Should have read the other comments more carefully. Sorry. :-)
Congratulations on having cover copy that both doesn't suck and actually conveys a reasonably accurate idea of what the novel is about. They're both somewhat of a rarity....
Anne says she rewrote it somewhat heavily.

She didn't show me what it started as.

Smart editor.
Major good blurbage.

Woohoo! It sounds exciting.
Oh, very nice indeed. Congratulations! This is one part I get excited about every time. I got just as excited about the new cover copy on my REPRINTS. It's an endless source of simple and complex pleasure. Given your output, you have lots and lots of it in store, so I hope it never goes stale for you either.


Thank you!

I don't think there's any pleasure in the world to compare with being read, really. It's just... it gives me a happy. *g*

And I don't think getting excited over new copy on old books is silly at all.
Wonderful! I am looking forward to joining you on the virtual hellish streets of Hartford.
*praise and worship*

Let me know when you start hiring fangirls!
w00t!! squeeee! Way to go! Excellent!
Whee! Congrats!!
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