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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Random rangirl moment of the month.

I had a ginormous cross-platform fangirl revelation today. There's a character in the Man From UNCLE episode "The Master's Touch Affair" who is named Mandor. (Half of you have already figured out where I'm going with this--) Who is a manipulative, suave, tricky son of a bitch who runs everybody. (Played by Jack Lord! omgwtfbbq!)

Well, I have to say that I've been a Zelazny fan for, um. And I've been a member of Amberlist and the Amber DRPG community for um.... Over a decade now. And every so often they get into this "who should play whom in an theoretical Amber movie" casting thread. And I've been claiming since 1993 or so that David McCallum circa 1968 *is* Random of Amber.

...well, the villain in the second Amber series is named Mandor. Who is a manipulative, suave, tricky son of a bitch who runs everybody.

And Zelazny started writing the first series in the late sixties.

And I had this sudden, gobsmacking realization that Corwin and Random are Napoleon and Illya.

And I died.

Right there on the living room floor.

This is a dead fangirl talking. I mean, Corwin even looks like Robert Vaughn with green eyes. *g*

I know Roger cookied all sorts of weird things in those books--he's in them himself, in a bit part as a castle guard named Roger who's writing a novel on the side. And the John Ostrander comic book character Grimjack/John Gaunt makes an appearance as well. So it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility. But the fact remains, that whether Roger went there or not, now that I have, I can never get free again.


Okay, I have to say I'm still laughing my ass off that you used omgwtfbbq!
Hee. cpolk caught it too. we've actually decided we need to have an omgwtfbbq....

grilled duck with sour black cherries. seared ahi tuna, extremely rare. my Irish grandmother's potato salad with eggs in it. Home-made bread....

yeah, baby.
Now *that* is a brilliant idea.
I am Clueless as usual, but now I have to read the Amber series. Damn. And here I've been avoiding it for all these years....

Hmm. It's actually very good. It's got some I-was-written-on-a-typewriter-to-deadline sentence-level awkwardnesses and continuity flaws, but the characterization is brilliant, and Zelazny is a virtuouso with language. And Corwin is one of *the* bangup unreliable narrators in SFF history.

I especially love the way Zelazny gets you reading along and nodding and going yup, yup, yup--and liking Corwin, and buying his line of patter.... and then you put the book down and go, "That son of a bitch! He lied to me!"

He really is Napoleon as the Evil Sorcerer (somewhat recovered).... suave, manipulative, dashing with the ladies, full of plausible lies, and something to prove.

And of course, Random is a jazz-playing, bitterly sarcastic, ruthless coldblooded little SOB with acompletely unreasonably loyalty to Corwin. It's really...

...I can't believe I didn't catch on to this before. *g*
Oh, God, I can see it.

Your icon. you know what scene that is?

It's the Dead Spur-Handed Motherfucker Storage scene from SotU. Early chapters, that is.

Yup. That's why I picked it. *g*

Utter Corwin-and-Random moment....

In real life, it's the scene from The Yukon Affair where Illya has been laughing silently at Napoleon's back, and Napoleon catches on and turns around to *glare* at him.

And can't you just picture Illya saying, "Don't maybe me, baby. It's written all over your face."

Besides, Random would *so* wear that claret band jacket of Illya's... And black turtlenecks. By the dozen.

Also, I notice that, like Random's, McCallum's hair turned brown as he got older. *g*


I mean, *tell* me this isn't Random. *g*


"While sex heads a great many lists, we all have things we like to do in between." Heh.



Oh, yeah.

This has nothing to do, of course, with the fact that I heart Random with an unreasonable passion.


And nothing to do with the fact that your boy does the best Random-channeling I've ever seen?



Hah! He is good, isn't he? And I do note, I don't think you've ever seen me play the homicidal little fink....


No, but you're, like, God's own Benedict.

No fair ganking more than one perfect channel.


It is to blush!

Thank you *g*
Oh, crap. Now I want to watch Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Come on over! We have videotapes!
Or, hey, come on over! I only have one tape at the moment, but I'll have more soon! I can even try not to laugh hysterically every time Napoleon looks at the camera, if it would help.

I'm still sticking with the Aral/Simon thing, though, since I haven't read any Zelazny except the odd posthumous collaboration...
Aral/Simon as in Vorkosigan series?

I mean, we know Simon is based on Illya, and I'm watching the show for the first time with a slasher's eye, and was sort of free-associating and wondering who would be Napoleon, then, and... Aral. Just a thought. ;)
OMG! You're RIGHT! I can't believe I never noticed that. I've never had an image of the 'perfect Random' or the 'perfect Corwin' in my head but the moment I read that, it was instant recognition.
Thank God it's ot just me.
A generalized expression of amazement at your perspicacity in identifying Corwin and Random with Napoleon and Illya.
Mind you, it could just be my inner fangirl...

but the evidence is there.