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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


Nice, clean, hard fought race. Good run, guys, and Lionheart earned his name by giving Smarty Jones a good, long look in the eye and trying to come back more than once. The speed horse was just out of run, and that's an honest way to lose.

No words today, but the beloved Ian is visiting, and he has made my wireless network go. Which means that someday I may have internet connectivity from elsewhere in the house, not merely here at my desk, although that will necessitate marital negotiations.



That was a very good race.
Wireles in the house and garden is a grand convenience. My husband, as my resident Computer Man, spoiled me by installing the router and what-not at our house and now I can write or blog anywhere in the house. Though there are some places I wouldn't blog. Or mention in someone else's blog.

I found a note in my mailbox from me to myself, reminding me to add you. I cannot for the life of me remember why or how I surfed into your lj in the first place,** but I'm here again and I'd love to add you, if you don't mind.

Reading your latest posts, I think your journal attracts me because you write about the process of story-making and the discipline of your work, two subjects I think and talk about. Then there's navel-gazing. I like that, too.

**might have found you through one of the four "friends" we have in common.
Please! Come in! Sit down! Feel free to pile on with comments....
Then there's navel-gazing. I like that, too.

I'm just here for the cat waxing, myself.
I'm just here for the cat waxing, myself.

I use depilatory on cats, waxing on monkeys.